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Today, more and more users rely on a wide range of collaboration and communications tools, ranging from SMS notifications to cloud storage, in their private and professional lives. Organisations are also leveraging these modern communication platforms to improve customer service and reduce operating cost.

NCS has developed in the beConnect TM suite that enhances the user experience and outreach using this solution. This suite consists of backend applications cum mobile apps for effective and secure two way communications. The suite includes:

beConnect TM SMS a SMS gateway application hosted and managed by NCS

beConnect TM E-Mail for applications allows you to process and send out your messages reliably and in a highly performant way

beConnect TM FAX connect your business applications directly to our fax service

beConnectTM LIVE an interactive platform for Live Q&A and Polling.

beConnectTM BSM (Business Service Management) is a cross-channel communication solution for organizations to reach and interact with customers and employees instantly. It is a consolidation of business critical processes onto one, hosted and managed platform.”

beConnectTM SHARE allows employees to be able to quickly and securely collaborate with anyone within the organisation.

NCS Pte Ltd

NCS Pte Ltd Features

  • Web-based system enables users to customise communication plan based on scenario and initiates critical notifications to targeted business functions.
  • Multi-channel notifications enable users to rapidly reach targeted business functions via SMS, email, mobile push notification, interactive voice response and conference bridge.
  • Enable greater collaboration and communication between various parties using the instant messaging mobile app.
  • Ready API for integration to backend business application or advance analytic system, thus enabling customer to make informed decision.
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Why NCS Pte Ltd

NCS Pte Ltd
  • Easy and fast Call-tree setup for various channels of communication
  • Enable collaborations and communications between various parties
  • Consistent and managed communications plan
  • Single source of truth
  • Real- time dashboard/reporting for post mortem & management status update
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